Daeron Magnus

The Empreror of Greater Vesica


Daeron Magnus is the current Emperor of Greater Vesica. He is human, and like his predecessors, a Paladin of Erathis.

Emperors of Vesica are expected to have had extensive combat experience, and Daeron is no exception. Upon receiving knighthood he commanded a Century of Vesican Paladins of the 3rd Legion. This Century was charged with keeping the borderlands safe against Orcish and other aberrant incursions. He would go on to lead the 3rd Legion of Greater Vesica before ascending to Emperor.

Daeron is the civil leader of Greater Vesica, as well as Supreme Commander of the Legions of Greater Vesica. He can trace his lineage directly to Silvius, the first Emperor and Citizen of Vesica.

Daeron Magnus

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