Gailbrial Fechin

A Human Barbarian from the port city of Galway


Gaibrial Fechin (pronounced: GA bryal FEH kheen) is a barbarion warrior of the Galway region, deep in the wild north of Central Vesica. Third son of the Huntsman of Galway, his given name was Seamus Connell.

Young Seamus was ambushed and taken prisoner as at 19 by an Orc war party during a Fall hunt. The Orcs of the Western Forests were and continue to be bitter enemies of the Galwayn people. Although he was alone and lightly armored, Gailbrial killled three of his would-be captors before finally being bound and sent to the Shamans of Grummush.

Instead of ritually killing him, the Shamans, impressed by his valor, put him into gladitorial combat in the sadistic Tributes and Rites of Grummush. Before loosing him into deadly combat, the Orc shamans cut out one of his eyes, and placed a symbol of Grummush upon his face, so that his human presence would not be so offensive to the Orcs and their deity.

Through cunning, bravery and a bloodlust learned from the Orcs themselves, Gailbrial survived 5 seasons as an improsoned gladiator before escaping. Over time he gained the sympathy and admiration of many Orc warriors, many of whom looked the other way when he finally escaped. Before leaving the Orc camp, he severed the head of the Head Grummush priest, and helped himself to ancient Hybernian Black Chainmail, captured by the Orcs in one of their countless skirmishes against the humans of Galway.

His return to Galway was met with a celebration. His appearance in the black Hybernian armor, long thought lost, and his possession of the head of one of the most bitter enemies of Galway led the elders to rename him. He was given the title Gailbrial, meaning conquerer, and Fechin, meaning Raven. The Fechin were the ancient squadrons of Galwayn warriors, clad in black chainmail.

He was placed under the tutelage of Conlan Scathatch (CON lin SKAW hokh), druid of Galway, in preperation for what will certainly be his ascension to Warlord of Galway. Besides Conlan, he considers his Goliath bodyguard to be his most trusted friend, and is loyal to both to the death.

He wears a leather eyepatch to cover his wound. Although outside of battle Gailbrial is calm and rational, he is often conflicted, torn between his hatred of the sadistic ways of the Orcs, and his respect and admiration for their battle prowess.

Gailbrial Fechin

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